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Why Real Estate?  Why Now?

Why Real Estate?  
Income real estate has built vast amounts of wealth not just for savvy investors, but for normal people as well.  What they have in common is that they embrace the importance of strategy, quality and patience.  Most wealth advisors will admit there is simply no way that stock and bond markets can touch the returns, and equally important, the tax benefits that are possible with income real estate.  While Coronavirus has had its impact on real estate, this impact is nothing close to its effect on the stock market, especially when it comes to the average person’s retirement portfolio.  If anything, Coronavirus has reinforced the importance of diversification.

Real estate Investment Return
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Why Now? 
Many of us are sitting on a large amount of home equity generated during the last decade of real estate gains.  For those in this position, that equity is sitting there doing nothing in terms of earning potential, especially when considering its leverage power if used in other places (e.g. putting $50k down to control a $300k real estate investment).  If not sitting on home equity, many of us are now finding that we are over-exposed to the stock market, whether in the form of IRA, 401(k) or general portfolio investments.  There are ALWAYS great deals to be found in income real estate, but as we enter what many believe will be a recessionary environment, there will be incredible buying opportunities for those who can identify those opportunities and move quickly. 


The issue for many is not in understanding the power of this, but in overcoming the perceived complexity and ‘high barrier to entry’ for getting into the real estate investing arena. 


This is where Nexus comes in…




Nexus takes the mystery and challenge out of real estate investing by assisting clients in building residential income real estate into their wealth and retirement strategy.  There is typically NO FEE to the client.


Here is how we help:


  • Advise on how to build residential real estate into wealth and retirement strategy. Is current cash flow important? Minimizing taxes? A certain location or property type?

  • Assess financing strategies using cash, home equity, retirement assets or other forms of finance.

  • Identify and purchase the real estate asset, including offer, contract and close.

  • Evaluate best form of property management from fully managed, partially managed, self-managed, and lease option.

  • Connect client with vetted professionals and technologies, including legal, property management, trade, management software, as required.

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