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The power of experience.
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Anybody can read a book on real estate investing.  But until one actually begins the process, and repeats it year after year, does one become a seasoned real estate investor. 


Nexus has the experience to get our clients to the next level step… no matter how high.

  • Nexus was created by the founder of Echo Summit Property Management, acquired by GK Homes in 2019.  Echo Summit was awarded the #1 position as “Fastest Growing Private Company” by the Denver Business Journal in both 2010 and 2011.  Nexus understands the rental business, and what makes a successful income property.


  • Proven personal experience and track record of building significant wealth with residential RE investments.

  • After managing nearly 10,000 properties across the Front Range over a decade, we know the winners and losers, often down to street-level.


  • We are experts in RE purchasing… from identification to negotiation to inspection to close.

  • Experience in real estate and business management, taxes, Fed/State requirements.

  • Access to best-of-breed vendors, and playbook for how to identify and vet new vendors.





Greenwood Village, CO

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